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What separates Fire and Ice from other online diamond retailers and wholesalers?
What separates us from Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Bailey's Banks and Biddle, Bulgari, and De Beers LV jewelry stores?
What are the advantages in buying directly from gemologists instead of jewelers?
How can you buy a diamond online if you can’t physically see it?
Why not just purchase a diamond off eBay for half the price or “below wholesale”?
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Fire & Ice Featuring Wholesale Loose Diamonds . . .

Fire & Ice Diamond was born out of a lack of trust and rapport in the diamond and jewelry industry.

The founder and current CEO had the same experiences as most of us while shopping for his first diamond engagement ring.

Even with the advantage of being born in South Africa with De Beers diamond mine relationships and manufacturing connections in Israel,

Fire and Ice

when it was time for him to propose, he decided to purchase a diamond engagement ring "below wholesale" in New York’s infamous Diamond District on 47th Street and 5th Avenue from a store that had claimed to be there for years.

The transaction wasn’t online and the store seemed to have a legitimate front, but upon taking the ring in for appraisal, to his dismay he learned that not only was the ring worthless; his 6 month search for the perfect engagement ring was in vain.

Flash forward. The founder of Fire and Ice Diamonds has decide to cash in on his relationships in the diamond industry to not only bring you the highest quality loose diamonds, but by offering the highest level of service with a return to traditional business relationships where a hand shake actually meant something. At Fire and Ice Diamond, our word is our bond!

Fire & Ice's Distinct Diamond Brand

“The quality of this Cut of this diamond achieves excellence in symmetry and proportions thus obtaining the optimal dispersions of light and brilliance.” – EGL

Much like an Excellent Ideal Cut Hearts and Arrows Diamond, our Fire & Ice Distinct Diamonds are not only extremely rare, but almost impossible to find. And unlike a H&A Diamond, we do not stop at Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds; we go one step further expanding on AGA's criteria, including fancy shapes into our diamond inventory. In the case of the Round Brilliant cut, less than 1/10th of 1 percent of every million will be eligible of carrying the Distinct brand. While it takes approximately 1 hour to cut the average round brilliant cut diamond, it will take approximately 96 times as long to cut a Distinct Diamond with a significantly greater loss of the diamond’s size.

100% Neutral Diamonds

100% Neutral Conscience Diamonds

Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice Diamond Only Carries 100% Neutral Conscience Diamonds.

At least 2% of the price will be donated to the following charities of your choosing:

Jewelers for Children (JFC)
Diamonds For Africa
Amnesty International USA
Guaranteed Low Priced Diamonds

Lowest Price Diamonds

Fire & Ice

Guaranteed lowest prices, even with our charitable donations. If you find a lower price on a diamond anywhere - even through diamond wholesalers - please let us know where you found it and we will not only beat it; we will still donate at least 2% of the price to the charity or charities of your choosing.

How do Fire & Ice Diamonds Become an Art?

Before considering whether or not to read all the information on our site, please understand that it will explain why a 2 carat D color (totally white) round brilliant diamond can be worth nothing and why a Hearts and Arrows (H&A) Excellent Ideal cut isn’t as special as you may have been lead to believe.

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade Policy 

You have the option of upgrading your Distinct Diamond at any time, no questions asked.

What you See is What you Get! Guaranteed

Fire and Ice participates in EGL USA’s Web Guard Program ( . If you purchase a diamond with an EGL grading report, we will ship it directly to EGL to have the grading report verified to confirm that the diamond exactly meets the specifications in the report.

Diamond Certification and Grading: what everything is based on

Diamond Grading Laboratories (Diamond Certifications and Grading Reports)

Diamond Cutting Style: Diamond Shapes vs. The Style of Cutting

Fire & Ice Diamond Education:

Diamond Anatomy (Parts and Facets) 

Diamond Proportions (Parts and Facets)

The First of the 4 C's: Diamond Cut Grade/Quality

The Middle of the 4 C's: Diamond Color & Clarity

Fire & Ice

Look no further, Fire & Ice is here to offer you the best wholesale loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. As the leading online retailer of wholesale certified loose diamonds, Fire & Ice offers outstanding quality, selection and value. Fire & Ice offers an extensive collection of loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings (available in solitaire, three stone, past-present-future, and side stones). Fire & Ice not only helps you with your gift ideas but educates you on diamonds as well. With our lifetime upgrade policy we will stand by you for many years to come for that piece of mind.

Diamonds have timeless elegance; they never go out of style. Diamonds can be worn with anything; it is a wonderful way to mark any special occasion in your life. Unlike many gifts, cherishing diamonds is nothing less than divine. You're welcome to browse and pick your perfect loose diamond or diamond engagement ring. We also guarantee that every diamond on our site is a neutral 100% conflict free diamond.

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